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Intervention Centers in Carlsbad – Call (760) 203-6636 Now

An Overview of Intervention

An intervention confronts someone you care about struggling with addiction to get help. The intervention is best administered by an intervention specialist. This professionally lead education process creates the opportunity for family members or friends to meet directly with the individual having problems with drugs or alcohol. People in the grip of addiction often do not seek treatment because they can’t recognize the reckless and negative effects of his or her abuse. Interventionists direct the association between the substance abuse and the issues in his or her life, with help of the family and friends. Professional interventionists strategically aim to immerse the alcohol and drug abuser with the help available, bringing clarity to the demoralizing aspects of addiction.

The Importance of Intervention

The disease of addiction interferes with the progression and productivity of a person’s life. Addiction produces the need to use and seek drugs and/or alcohol with obsession. The compulsive trait of drug and alcohol abuse controls a person’s every decision and does not consider anything or anyone outside of it. Clashing with the implicit and explicit norms of society, the individual experiencing addiction often faces serious consequences from using. The consequences that society is most familiar with and that are faced by those affected by addiction are jails, prisons, institutions and death. However, individuals living with the disease are not able to stop using. The inability to stop has nothing to do with will power or the lack of will-power, it has everything to do with the brain’s circuit and rewiring.

How Intervention Works

The highly recommended method of intervention is an effective way to offer a solution, and it encourages an attitude of hope and strength to influence a person into getting treatment for addiction. An intervention takes place to impress upon a person living with addiction that help must be sought for the disease. Prior to planning an intervention, we advise you to schedule an appointment with a professional interventionist. As you start to plan the intervention, remember the facts and that the disease of addiction has the ability to turn fatal is crucial.

Maintaining the objective with an optimistic outlook and hope for the person in addiction is equally important. Intervention holds the potential to be ineffective and unproductive if a person feels attacked or judged by the people showing concern. A person affected with addiction often feels shame, demoralization and guilt. Such feelings usually become enhanced when around his or her support system. For this reason, expressing concern to a person living in addiction, will prove most effective with the assistance of a professional interventionists.

Intervene Now!

Although facing a person’s addiction will not be easy, remaining positive, loving, understanding and open-minded can save his or her life. Receiving treatment can help a person break free from the control of addiction and begin a road in life-long recovery. If you are in need of guidance and hope, please do not hesitate. Call us now (706)-203-6636 .