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Alcohol Rehab Carlsbad – Call (760) 203-6636 Now

Drug and Alcohol Rehab

The disease of addiction takes control over every aspect of someone’s life. Rest assured, a multitude of treatment methods exist for people living a hard life in active addiction. Treatment designed to a person’s needs (based on patterns of substance abuse, social, psychiatric, and co-occurring medical issues) offers stability and the opportunity to sustain a life in recovery. Life in recovery from addiction vindicates the struggle it takes to get there. Whether yourself or someone important in your life is overpowered by the disease of addiction, a solution is available.

Addiction and The Body

Drug and alcohol abuse or addiction strains and negatively impacts the user’s health. The consequences that derive from addiction and substance abuse prove detrimental to a person’s mind and body, requiring professional assistance. Substance abuse will harm every aspect of daily living, as a result of widespread psychological change and damage. These psychological changes often include difficulty with decision-making, memory and attention. Following an obviously weakened immune system, drugs and alcohol have several physical effects on the body. A few harmful physical effects are: muscle weakness, heart attacks, abnormal heart rate, kidney and liver damage.

Rehabilitation and Recovery

Rehabilitation targets all physiological and psychological factors needed for the body and mind to become healthy. When beginning recovery from addiction, a person will experience withdrawal symptoms from the stage of detoxification. Having medical professional supervision is vital when the body experiences these symptoms. After a safely managed detox, medical professional assistance continues for the remaining time in treatment. A person’s recovery process gets supervised and needs continued assistance for a purpose overall healing and safety. Overall, the recovery process goes through the physiological stage of detox, psychological healing and then behavioral treatment.

Focusing on the psychological as well as behavioral component of a person’s brain is crucial soon after the detoxification process. Recovering the brain to its normal functioning is a necessity and can often take several months to over a years’ time. Fortunately, rehabilitation provides an ideal environment for healing of each aspect mentioned in one’s life. In addition to physiological, behavioral and psychological care, rehab centers provide support with a person’s transition from rehab completion to daily living in recovery.

Recovery from Addiction

Drug and alcohol abuse alters a person’s brains chemistry, cultivating compulsive substance use. Once the brains chemicals have altered, stopping drug and alcohol use seem near impossible, regardless of if the user expresses readiness to stop or not. Drug and alcohol rehabilitation and treatment offers recovery from addiction. If addiction seems too demanding and controlling to withstand, remember that many people understand what life in active addiction is like and you are not in this fight alone. Take back the control and power in your life. A happy and productive life stems from resisting drugs and alcohol and calling for help now (706)-203-6636 . Get back your choices and your life. Recovery from addiction is viable and a solution is available.