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Addiction Treatment Carlsbad – Call (760) 203-6636 Now

Treatment for Addiction

The overpowering disease of addiction causes people to live in shame, remorse and regret. Understanding the fact that addiction identifies as a disease and that treatment remains available, saves many lives. People suffering from the demeaning disease of addiction experience the inability to gain control. Extensive and multi-faceted treatment for addiction allows an individual to find peace and stability without the use of alcohol and/or drugs.

What is Addiction?

Alcohol and drug abuse will often turn into the chronic disease of addiction. The disease preys upon individuals who participate in experimental drug and alcohol use. The use of alcohol and drugs do not always turn into the complex brain disease. Around the world people are controlled by this power disease. When a person becomes addicted, experimental drug and alcohol use turn into altered brain chemistry. The brain chemistry changes due to a rewiring process that takes place. The rewiring process sends signals to the brain’s circuit system that basic human survival is location. Meaning the brain now processes that it needs drugs and/or alcohol in the same way a person needs food and water to survive. The terrifying disease rewires our brain to rely on harmful substance instinctively.

The Impact of Addiction

Addiction impacts normal everyday life for the individual addicted, as well as for the family and friends. Addiction consumes any stability and balance that may have at one time had precedence as a result of widespread brain change and damage. This brain change and damage disrupts a person’s overall productivity and perseverance in life. Drug and alcohol addiction harms an individual’s body in addition to the mind. The psychological and physical harm inflicted by drug and alcohol abuse does make recovery challenging without professional assistance. Psychological and physical consequences resulting from addiction are similar to difficulty with attention, learning, decision-making, memory retention, and behavior regulation. The physical effects of addiction are likely to include: a weak immune system, heart attacks, abnormal heart rate, fatigue, restlessness, changes in appetite, weakened muscles, kidney and liver damage. The psychological and physical harms alone do not justify the true and devastating impact of addiction. The disease of addiction contributes to a large portion of the mortality rate, claiming far too many lives each year.

Goals of Addiction Treatment

Exceptional treatment design focuses on an individual’s ability to begin recovery from addiction and live a life free of alcohol and drug use. Structured and fact-based treatment enables alcohol and drug abusers to let go of the need to use substances. In receiving guidance from qualified professionals, individuals are able to find success and happiness through the process of rehabilitation. Through accepting treatment in rehab, individuals learn skills to deal with emotional stability. Whereas, therapeutic methods are also available to help individuals build personal strengths psychologically, physically and socially. Additionally, with intensive research and training, professional staff are able to educate individuals in relapse prevention and other methods needed to be successful in recovery long-term. If you are in need of treatment, please call (706)-203-6636 .